Mileage Lease Program

Please read though the following options and let me know which plan you would like to go on. Please Confirm that you understand the terms of the contract as well.

Mileage Lease Independent Contractors can choose the following two options for pay:

Base 1.17 (all miles loaded and Empty)
Option A) Guaranteed fuel cost (.99 a gallon)

Option B) HIGHER pay per mile with Fuel Surcharge ** Paid all miles loaded and empty


Fuel Surcharge is paid on all Authorized Dispatched miles loaded and empty based off the Scale in the contract. We use the National Average Price of Diesel Fuel published by the Federal Government’s Department of Energy each Monday to determine the F\
uel Surcharge amount paid out per mile each week.

Truck Payment – either payment available for ALL truck years

OPTION A) Lease with option to PURCHASE

OPTION B) Lease to OWN

Additional Pay:

Detention $30.00 per hour starting after 2 hours (maximum of $210.00 per 24 hours)
Layover $100.00 after 24 hours
Stop Pay $50.00 per additional stop (all loads have 1 pickup and 1 delivery as part of the load)

Charges Breakdown

Fixed Costs:

License Plate, Registration and Permits $50.00 per week
Annual Federal Highway Use Tax $10.58 per week
Qualcomm Service Fee $15.00 per week
Scanning Fee $6.50 per week
Bobtail Insurance $9.23 per week
Physical Damage Insurance $85.00 per Week
Occupational Accidental Insurance $35.00 per Week per person
Deductible Reduction Program $28.85 per week
Weekly Fixed Costs WITHOUT Truck Payment $240.16 per week